boutique consulting

nüance-R is a boutique consulting firm. It aims at accompanying firms through their digital transformation, both from an operations and a strategic perspective. nüance-R's methodology relies on an expert-based audit of the client, while accompanying the development of the talents within the company that are the primary key to the company's digital transformation success. The era of data is upon us and firms need to consider being data agile. nüance-R is a boutique consulting firm specialized in designing machine learning-based models.

Combined with its education offer to develop the talents in your organization, our consulting services target:

1. C-Suite level: Empower your business with powerful, data-driven insights and prediction capabilities. Scale AI and reduce time to value with a platform that scales with your business, leveraging the team and skills already in place.

2. Supervisors: Boost your output. Utilize advanced AI and machine learning to solve complex business problems regardless of your technical expertise.

3. Data scientists/analysts teams. Accelerate the production of your AI projects so you can focus on the critical strategic aspects of your work. Utilize cutting-edge, end-to-end automation, a robust library of AI algorithms, and the ability to rapidly deploy machine learning models.

talent training

With the primary goal of designing a data agile company, our education programs are designed with three audiences in mind.

1. C-Suite level: Add powerful, data-driven insights and prediction capabilities to your business. Scale AI and accelerate time-to-value with a platform that grows with your business using the team and skills already present within your organization.

2. Managers: Boost your productivity. Solve complex business problems thanks to advanced AI and machine learning regardless of your technical know-how.

3. AI / Analytics teams. Bring your AI projects to production faster and spend more time on the critical strategic assets. Leverage state-of-the-art, end-to-end automation, an extensive library of AI algorithms, and the ability to quickly deploy machine learning models.

Our course offering relies on our platform to create the necessary interactivity between the material and the learners, as well as between learners from the same company. The course catalog is also a platform in itself as it allows learners to design their own curriculum through time. They study the material whenever it is the most effective for them, and have a couple of important rendez-vous along their program: quantum simulations, projects, peer-sessions, etc.

Our course catalog:

- Digital Transformation Strategy

- Creating a culture of Corporate Explorers

- Coding and Data Science

- Operations and Supply Chain Management

- Statistics for Machine Learning

- People Analytics

- Data Marketing and Recommender systems

- Data Science Pipeline and the Data Agile Company

data science and AI platform

Our data science platform integrates a powerful integrated education toolbox. The latter is designed particularly to teach coding for business purposes. It leverages the latest pedagogical developments to accelerate the users' learning. The education toolbox is designed to deliver synchronous and asynchronous teaching.

Based on this platform, the pedagogical approach of choice follows the reverse pedogagy principles. Learners have access to world-class material (e.g. text case studies and video case studies) leveraged by a set of cutting-edge tools, with direct access to high computing power for code-based courses and self-assessment. Every learner receives a personalized progress report.

Our education platform includes tools such as chat messaging and video calls to facilitate the learning process and peer-to-peer learning in particular.

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Thibault Senegas, Product Manager at nüance-R